Site Changes (no, we weren't hacked)

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Errr, I may do that from time to time…

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Dear Epicorians,

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  1. an ancient school of philosophy founded in Athens by Epicurus. The school rejected determinism and advocated hedonism (pleasure as the highest good)

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This may be a way to get membership up at Insights


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In Vegas, anything goes right… lol

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I must say, this post is very entertaining! Having some good laughs today :slight_smile:

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Thank you! great updates!

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then i demand a cape and some shiny winged boots…


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Hey, I may give up my membership in Pastafarianism for this Epicorian thing. :wink:

Epicureanism divided pleasure into two broad categories: pleasures of the body and pleasures of the mind .[36]

  • Pleasures of the body : These pleasures involve sensations of the body, such as the act of eating delicious food or of being in a state of comfort free from pain, and exist only the present.[36] One can only experience pleasures of the body in the moment, meaning they only exist as a person is experiencing them.[37]
  • Pleasures of the mind : These pleasures involve mental processes and states; feelings of joy, the lack of fear, and pleasant memories are all examples of pleasures of the mind.[36] These pleasures of the mind do not only exist in the present, but also in the past and future, since memory of a past pleasant experience or the expectation of some potentially pleasing future can both be pleasurable experiences.[37] Because of this, the pleasures of the mind are considered to be greater than those of the body.


But he can still have the shiny winged shoes, right?

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That is acceptable…

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trying really hard right now to not post all of the awesome incredibles gifs out there


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I’m kind of a bland old man but you’ve made me epicurious. Go on…

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Fidget spinner; Qck?; corsair? +1

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Once you use a Steelpad, you never go back to small mousepads :slight_smile: I still own the Generation 1 from 2005ish.

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New sight looks great!

I have one suggestion: Maybe a Night Mode option?


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Ha! I’m not the only one! +1 for dark theme.

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I really like .help. Alternate domain extensions are severely underutilized.

Also, just saw this pop up today

Perfect name and it’s a good idea as a way to highlight the unanswered questions.

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New name suggestion: EUAL - Epicor User ALliance (derived from the old “DUAL”… Dataworks User Alliance that was pre-epicor name change)… not a very catchy name… E10help was actually fairly catchy.

How about EpiERPHelp ? This points to the company (Epi) and the product (ERP) and the purpose (Help). It is version agnostic. I personally think that this might be the best derivative.

EpicHelp is not quite as catchy… could also be accidentally pronounced “Epi-Chelp”…
EpicUsers or EpiUsers is maybe better… but… One problem with all these is it doesn’t point to the proper PRODUCT… This site is not about “Epicor” products, but it is about one specific Product, Epicor ERP.

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I read the site name as EpiUsers. Also, perhaps with the growth of P21 this might provide a similar haven for technical users. Not sure, but I’m doubling down on the name to protect my shirt purchase.

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Absolutely not! Too close to “End User Agreement License”

And you will expect us to sign the EUAL EUAL :slight_smile: