Site Changes (no, we weren't hacked)

(Dora Chavarria) #83

I love all the ideas!!

like Epicor 10.x.x or 9.x.x meaning all versions?

(Aaron Willett) #84

Definitely just going to keep calling it “E10Help”.

(Haso Keric) #85

Some days I just call it depending on replies, lately its called Knock Knock Who’s There? @Banderson

(Jose C Gomez) #86

LoL yeah thanks @hasokeric with all the time I spend here I can’t keep that up also le sigh

(Joshua Giese) #87

That was one of our purposes of not using ERP in the domain was that we could easily add groupings for Bartender, Manifest, P21, Avalara, etc. Better cover the product range. Especially as it appears Epicor is pushing hard on the auto industry and products specific to that area.

(Henry Burke) #88

www.Epic.Help has a nice ring and Rings True.
Regardless, Thank you gents for all the work this takes!

I wouldn’t mind if the header/banner thingy would go away or collapse to enable more page height on laptops and widescreen aspects. I also like the gearhead logo best.
I don’t know about you’ll, I’ve got nothing that looks LIKE THAT below the waist. Dump that icon, bring back the gearhead! :wink:

By the way, Who Moved My Cheese… I love that transformative book… a PDF I carry everywhere.

(Brandon Anderson) #89

The problem with that is the company Epic, that makes software for the healthcare industry already has not to mention, we’d probably be sued for using the name.

(Haso Keric) #90

So can you use the name of a company on your domain? The answer is yes, as long as consumers and people in general, upon seeing your domain or visiting your site, won’t be confused and assume the site is an official one, or that it’s in some way related to the company.

For instance, there’s a site called, which covers all things Apple. Apple is a registered trademark, but they can use it because the domain makes it clear that it’s a news site and not related to Apple Inc. in any way. There’s also

If you use the domain for your site, on the other hand, some consumers could get confused and assume that’s an official website from Apple to sell iPods, and this would get you in trouble. If Apple sued you over this domain you would probably lose the domain and even be ordered to pay damages to them.

Many cases are not a clear cut as the ones above, however. For instance, what if you named your site or It’s not easy to say whether consumers could get confused or not in those cases.

Overall, its a gray area. You could probably win a legal battle, but do you have the resources or time to fight that battle, is always the question. Best Practice, keep clear :slight_smile: After all, remember Mike Rowe.

(Calvin Krusen) #91

BTW - Thanks for making the setting autocomplete="OFF" in the textarea where you type your post.

It was very frustrating when using a tablet or mobile, and most table and field names would be “corrected” for you.

(Jose C Gomez) unpinned #92

(Jose C Gomez) removed this banner . It will no longer appear at the top of every page. #93

(Rob Bucek) #94

and with that i think we’ve arrived right about here…


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