Site Changes (no, we weren't hacked)

(Calvin Krusen) #42

Even as the President of WMMC, I’m surprised at the fervor this has created.

(Brandon Anderson) #43

I just noticed the new logos for the categories. Those look nice!

(Joshua Giese) #44

Thanks the others just didn’t fit the look anymore, they were fun while they lasted though.

(Pierre Hogue) #45

Well you could use the acronym GEE for the french “Groupe d’Entraide Epicor”
then for english could be : “Group of Epicor Erudite”

which the last word meaning : " *having a lot of knowledge that is known by very few people



(Joseph Moeller) #46

Uh oh…Epicor to be renamed Flavicor at Insights 2019

(Jose C Gomez) #48

@amurdock this is fixed :slight_smile:

(Aaron Willett) #49

Lol, dammit Mark.
I’m on a conference call and I laughed quite audibly (some might say I lol’d) at that post.

(Chris Conn) #50

We’ll let’s just hope it’s less invasive! :stuck_out_tongue:

(Brandon Anderson) #51

It’s like a symbiotic parasite.

(Joseph Moeller) #52

In all seriousness. Good work and good foresight on this. Who knows what the future holds?

(Ken Nash) #53


That is all I got.

(Haso Keric) #54

Time to assess who gets Who Moved My Cheese Badge points at @Mark_Wonsil just because.

(Randy Stulce) #55

I like it, it’s taken but available for transfer

(Brandon Anderson) #56

They aren’t going to change it people…

(Randy Stulce) #57

I mean for “What do we call ourselves?” I like for the site URL

(Mark Wonsil) #58

Well, I did work on a dairy farm for a couple of summers and all we did was move cheese…before it was cheese but still…

(Joshua Giese) #59

Continue to call ourselves e10help or epiusers or epihelp, doesn’t really matter, just don’t call me late for dinner

(Haso Keric) #60

We do have a guy at our company who is pretty awesome, everytime he emails the ERP Team it sarts with…

Dear Epicorians,

We are The Epicorians

(Calvin Krusen) #61

Surely you must be kidding.

(Joshua Giese) #62

I’m not kidding and don’t call me Shirley