Site Changes (no, we weren't hacked)

(Mike Gross) #22

Great job @josecgomez! Thanks for all you guys do - and the extra time you put in!

(Andrew Murdock) #23
  1. Thank you for the update!

  2. So what are we calling the ourselves now?
    We were ‘e10help’ before so are we now ‘Epic Help’, ‘EpiUsers.Help’, ‘EUH’, ‘Epi Users’, ‘e(x)help’ … something else. Or are we still e10help? Should we be clear that is not (Epicor Users Group / EUG)? I can see there being confusion between the 2 help sites.

PS: Typing doesn’t auto detect it as a url and auto link. :cheese:

(Tim VonDerHaar) #24

Thank you to all who work so hard on this site! Those who created it, mod for it and reply to all the questions. Amazing community.

(Jose C Gomez) #25

:thinking: good question… Any suggestions? Throw a few and we’ll make a poll lol

(Mike Gross) #26

How about ‘Epic Users’ - has a nice ego-boosting ring to it… not to be confused with Epic healthcare software of course…

(Norman Hutchins) #27

(Norman Hutchins) #28

didn’t like the sound of ‘euh’? :wink:

(Andrew Murdock) #29

To me the brand is built on the word help so my opinion is to keep ‘help’ in who we are.
Maybe simplest transition from e10help would be EpiHelp?

(Brandon Anderson) #30

I think we are kind of locked into the URL. If we say we are something that doesn’t line up with the URL, or isn’t google searchable, we are going to have a problem inviting people to the site.

(Joshua Giese) #31


(Jose C Gomez) #32

We aren’t short on domains
Currently we have the following and thy all end up here

(Randy Stulce) #33

Is “EpiHelp” taken as a suggestion?

Edit; yup, so make it a +1 instead.

(Brandon Anderson) #34

The problem with that, is the URL is taken.

(Mercer Sisson) #35

Be aware that Epicor is very aggressive at blocking uses of its trademarks including the name Epicor in any type of branding. The EUG has a long standing agreement with them over this from the very earliest days.

So I would suggest you avoid using it in anyway.

A. Mercer Sisson
A M Sisson - Consulting, LLC

(Jose C Gomez) #36

Yeah that’s why we didn’t go that route

(Mike Gross) #37

@nhutchins - Is there a special pronunciation on that ‘euh’ like French or Spanish - something to make it sound good? 'Cause I’d be into that if there was…

(Norman Hutchins) #38

not that I can find, but that would cool!

In French it’s just a pause or hesitation; er…

but the urban dictionary has an interesting entry, "A word used when severely freaked out. Add more h’s depending on how scared you are. Euhhhhhhh! EpiUsersHelpHelpHELPHELP!

(Andrew Murdock) #39

(Mark Wonsil) #40

Why not combine Help + ERP? I bet it would be viral.


Oh, it appears someone’s already got it. A few folks actually…

(Jose C Gomez) #41

LoL all right guys we went through like a zillion names when we were considering the change and basically got the best we could. :frowning: Epicor name is restricted and ERP is too generic and we didn’t want to step on EUG’s name etc…
So it is what it is, if someone comes up with something awesome and available etc… maybe we’ll do it again… But that will Trigger the :cheese: so maybe not. It is a lot of work to do this, then you have to convince the google and the bing and the yahoo about it too.

At some point i’ll grow on ya… like a weed or a fungus or like @Chris_Conn ¯\(ツ)

As to what to call ourselves? I think epiusers(dot)help is fine… or continue using e10help… or any of the above URLs, or buy your own and redirect it here :slight_smile: