Insights 2019 entertainment announced

(Staci Stahr Cummings) #21

Come on guys! This is going to be the best dance party ever!!! :slight_smile:

(Utah Taylor) #22

(Calvin Krusen) #24

R. Kelly was nominated for 25 (won 3)


(Calvin Krusen) #25

@utaylor - Is that Epicor walking back on promised future features? :wink:

(Staci Stahr Cummings) #26

@ERPSysAdmin what a great idea!

(Aaron Willett) #27

Vegas + Flo Rida–are we setting up the scene for the next Hangover film?

(Chris Conn) #28

They could probably get RKelly at a discounted rate right about now.

(Ernie Lowell) #29

It COULD have been Wayne Newton…

(Brandon Anderson) #30

I think I would rather have a magician. I mean, it is Vegas!

(Jose C Gomez) #31

Chris Angel would have been fun!

(Aaron Willett) #32

How much are they paying Flo Rida? I can do some card tricks and pull a quarter from my daughter’s ear. :smiley:

(Jose C Gomez) #33

Yeah let’s have e10help fund a different entertainer… LoL
I hear that @hasokeric and @Chris_Conn are forming a Barber Shop Quartet and they could serenade us for the evening, pretty cheap I hear… They are also looking for two more members…
@Banderson you in?

(Brandon Anderson) #34

I’ll play guitar!

(Pierre Hogue) #35

ouch! may as well be Tom Jones! at least the party will lift! haha

But seriously, I have listen to one of Flo Rida videos and… well … his music style may not be for all …

Personnaly I rather have a humorist…after having seriously attended all those training and sessions…relaxing by laughing would be invigorating even more!

For those who attended previous years Insights who was the “guest” provided?

(Heather Marie) #36

Of all the years I’ve attended I would have to say Dana Carvey was my most favorite! Train was a close second just because of their energy and interaction with the crowd and I love their music.
Just some of the entertainment that I remember:
Frank Caliendo
Dana Carvey
Kevin James (my fav too!) and Ray Ramano
Some Country Bands in TN (I think Montgomery Gentry?)
Harry Potter rides at Universal Studios in FL
Kelly Clarkson
Jim Gaffigan

I do a pretty mean puppet show for my 4 year old daughter. Ok, it’s not mean at all, it’s totally family friendly and PG and full of hilarious comedy, if I do say so myself, she gets to laughing pretty hard. She’s my biggest fan. :blush: LOL

(Rob Bucek) #38

yet…odds are we’ll still see you there :rofl:

(Mark Wonsil) #39

I can watch any live entertainment and enjoy it. My daughter took me to Chance the Rapper last year. It was like listening to a Baptist minister with Tourette’s Syndrome but it was very entertaining. I VERY much enjoyed Kelly Clarkson. Frank Caliendo and Jim Gaffigan were also great. Heck, Himanshu was also very entertaining in 2018.

(Brandon Anderson) #41

Yeah… In the back drinking … Duh!

(Ernie Lowell) #42

You should just bring your daughter and the climbing wall!

(Dale Schuerman) #43

Just watched a couple videos. I will not be attending. Good thing it is in Vegas, I will have something to do.