Insights 2019 entertainment announced

(Staci Stahr Cummings) #21

Come on guys! This is going to be the best dance party ever!!! :slight_smile:

(Utah Taylor) #22

(Calvin Krusen) #24

R. Kelly was nominated for 25 (won 3)


(Calvin Krusen) #25

@utaylor - Is that Epicor walking back on promised future features? :wink:

(Staci Stahr Cummings) #26

@ERPSysAdmin what a great idea!

(Aaron Willett) #27

Vegas + Flo Rida–are we setting up the scene for the next Hangover film?

(Chris Conn) #28

They could probably get RKelly at a discounted rate right about now.

(Ernie Lowell) #29

It COULD have been Wayne Newton…

(Brandon Anderson) #30

I think I would rather have a magician. I mean, it is Vegas!

(Jose C Gomez) #31

Chris Angel would have been fun!

(Aaron Willett) #32

How much are they paying Flo Rida? I can do some card tricks and pull a quarter from my daughter’s ear. :smiley:

(Jose C Gomez) #33

Yeah let’s have e10help fund a different entertainer… LoL
I hear that @hasokeric and @Chris_Conn are forming a Barber Shop Quartet and they could serenade us for the evening, pretty cheap I hear… They are also looking for two more members…
@Banderson you in?

(Brandon Anderson) #34

I’ll play guitar!

(Pierre Hogue) #35

ouch! may as well be Tom Jones! at least the party will lift! haha

But seriously, I have listen to one of Flo Rida videos and… well … his music style may not be for all …

Personnaly I rather have a humorist…after having seriously attended all those training and sessions…relaxing by laughing would be invigorating even more!

For those who attended previous years Insights who was the “guest” provided?

(Heather Marie) #36

Of all the years I’ve attended I would have to say Dana Carvey was my most favorite! Train was a close second just because of their energy and interaction with the crowd and I love their music.
Just some of the entertainment that I remember:
Frank Caliendo
Dana Carvey
Some Country Bands in TN (I think Montgomery Gentry?)
Harry Potter rides at Universal Studios in FL
Kelly Clarkson
Jim Gaffigan

I do a pretty mean puppet show for my 4 year old daughter. Ok, it’s not mean at all, it’s totally family friendly and PG and full of hilarious comedy, if I do say so myself, she gets to laughing pretty hard. She’s my biggest fan. :blush: LOL

(Rob Bucek) #38

yet…odds are we’ll still see you there :rofl:

(Mark Wonsil) #39

I can watch any live entertainment and enjoy it. My daughter took me to Chance the Rapper last year. It was like listening to a Baptist minister with Tourette’s Syndrome but it was very entertaining. I VERY much enjoyed Kelly Clarkson. Frank Caliendo and Jim Gaffigan were also great. Heck, Himanshu was also very entertaining in 2018.

(Brandon Anderson) #41

Yeah… In the back drinking … Duh!

(Ernie Lowell) #42

You should just bring your daughter and the climbing wall!

(Dale Schuerman) #43

Just watched a couple videos. I will not be attending. Good thing it is in Vegas, I will have something to do.