Insights 2019 entertainment announced

(Brandon Anderson) #1

(Aaron Willett) #2


(Jose C Gomez) #3

Cause nothing says Nerdy Software Folks… like Flo Ri Da… “Oh hot Damn”…

(Randy Stulce) #4

I thought he was a one-hit-wonder… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Brandon Anderson) #5

I was wondering if you all had the same reaction that I did when I saw it. Turns out you did…


(Utah Taylor) #6

I thought this was a joke, is this real?

(Brandon Anderson) #7


(Utah Taylor) #8

To each their own I guess.

(Utah Taylor) #9

Where did you see this?

(Brandon Anderson) #10

I got an e-mail from The send a lot of junk, but I peruse through it occasionally .

(Randy Stulce) #11

So a 1:4 ratio so far. :crazy_face: At least there will probably be an open bar for the rest of us :clinking_glasses: :beers:

(Brandon Anderson) #12

I like the way you think!! But I’m confused, who’s the one?

(Randy Stulce) #13

@utaylor seemed pleased with the choice. If not my bad.

(Utah Taylor) #14

I am not a fan, but if he was nominated for 5 grammy awards then he must be doing something right. I’m sure it will be appealing to many.

(Brandon Anderson) #15

So the open bar is going to be hoppin!

(Mike Gross) #16

And in theory, the more you drink the more you like him. So it may all work out in the end.

(Randy Stulce) #17

So we’ll all be the :older_man: and :older_adult: in the back of the room drinking then.

(Brandon Anderson) #18

I really hope it’s outside actually. But yes…

(Calvin Dekker) #19

Nominated doesn’t mean WON. Was it a good year for competition or was he a shoe-in?

(Utah Taylor) #20

Hey man, nominations are still a good indicator that your music is well received.