Why are labor hours showing zero?

(Yelena Tuzikova) #1

This job is showing zero labor hours and cost for everyone who clocks into it. The first operation from November shows everything correctly but the operations after that one show 0 labor and burden hours.
What could be causing this?

(Mark Wonsil) #2

Hello Yelena,

Did somebody change the MOM for this part? For example, is operation 60 now marked as “Quantity Only?” or did the rate on Resource(/Group) associated with operation 60 get zeroed? Any other notable events at the beginning of November, like a cost roll up?

Mark W.

(Yelena Tuzikova) #3

Hello Mark, I tried looking up the part in part entry and it says it does not exist. The quantity for this job is 0 and it has a minutes per piece production standard. This happened to two different users on the same job but not to other users.
The resource rates look normal and I am not aware or any cost roll ups.

Where else can I look?

(Mark Wonsil) #4

Ahhhh, OK, yes. This is called a “Part-on-the-Fly”. When a part does not exist, Epicor will let you build it but it never goes to stock. You would ship directly from the sales order. Someone probably manually engineered this without entering costs. They could have used “Get Details…” from a part/rev and got the cost that way but it doesn’t appear that happened. More importantly, they probably wanted to use a real part number here and not necessarily a part-on-the-fly.

Mark W.