Variable missing from Set Variable widget in BPM


(brett manners) #1

I am trying to automatically create a new part in a BPM but am having trouble setting the part details. I can trigger the BPM based on my criteria and call the Part.GetNewPart method in the execute BO method widget. That gives me a dataset, problem is i need to edit the fields in the data set to set up the part correctly. However the variable for the dataset is not available in the variable selection for the set variable widget.

Here is the variable i want to edit.

and here is the Set Variable Widget selector for the vairable…

Why is the PartTableSet not there or how do i edit the fields?


(Jose C Gomez) #2

That’s because it is not a primitive, it is a complex object.
When you call the getNewBo you will have the option to assign the resulting dataset to that partDS. Then you’ll have to use something like update table by query to update the individual fields.

(brett manners) #3

I was wondering how the set variable widget would handle a dataset…

I used a custom code widget to test setting the description and it worked. I also looked at the set table by query but I have never used that so it looked a little tricky.