Vantage to UPS Worldship ODBC

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Uh.. Yeah, what Dale said! The export I created deposits a CSV directly to the UPS computer. The user will have to run an import for every time the export is run from Vantage. To me, it's a bit of a pain, but it beats hand entering all of the ship-to information!

Gary Grenier
Bell Manufacturing Co.

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We tried to get UPS Worldship to reach into the Vantage database "live" to
pull relevant information. Every once in a while it would seem to work.
Most of the time, it would time out. I have set up an export in the Vantage
Export Utility that automatically deposits the information we need in a
comma-delimited text file that Worldship searches by packing slip number.
The person creating the packing slips will run the export several times a

Gary Grenier
Bell Manufacturing Co.

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> Subject: > How were you able to get Vantage to be able to pass data into
> Worldship? I would be very interested in finding out more on this.