Vantage says user changed date, user says they didn't?


(Joe Lalonde) #1

We recently had a situation where a user ID appeared in the changelog as having modified the Req Date. They are claiming, and I believe them, that they didn’t change the Req Date. There were at least 3 jobs where this happened and the changelogs happened within 2 seconds for 3 records.

Has anyone seen anything like this before? Is there a way to dig deeper and see if there was something going on at this time?

(Calvin Krusen) #2

Are the Jobs linked to each other?

Does the Time of day correspond to any automated processes, like MRP?

One thing I was never clear on, is how automatic processes are captured.

For example, If the last item on an order is shipped via a packer, the order gets closed. Does the userID of the person that shipped the packer, get logged on the OrderHed for changing the OpenOrder field?

(Joe Lalonde) #3

The jobs that we’ve found so far are the 10th, 11th, and 12th releases for the job line.

Nothing automatic should have been running at the time these were changed. This user account should also not be linked to any automated process.

They did mention they were looking at the job and copied data from the job to a spreadsheet. This shouldn’t have changed anything as far as I know.

I also tried looking at the System Monitor but the Vantage 803 System Monitor doesn’t display all tasks for all users, as far as I can tell.

(Calvin Krusen) #4

I think there is an option like “Display all tasks” in the actions menu. But it’s only going to show ones that were “scheduled” (or set to run immediately).

One thing to keep in mind. Some changes “flow down”. Changing the need by date on an Order header can automatically update the need by of the open lines. Which in turn automatically update the need by of the open releases.

(Joe Lalonde) #5

Ahhh, that makes sense about the Display All Tasks. In E10, I thought it showed more than it does in 803.

They’re claiming they made no changes to anything. That’s the strange part.

(Calvin Krusen) #6

Exactly which tables and fields were in the change logs?

(Joe Lalonde) #7

This is what shows:

username 12:21:12 Req. By: 04/16/19 -> 04/02/19

(Calvin Krusen) #8

What table? Any other entries? Or is that the only thing you log?

(Joe Lalonde) #9

That’s the only thing that shows in the change log. In Job Entry, I went to Actions -> Change Log -> Date -> Detail. Is there a way to show more or somewhere I can find more information? The Audit Log shows nothing for this date.

(Calvin Krusen) #10

Been a while since we were on V8.03, so some of my recollections may be wrong …

I think you have to choose what to log. It’s now done with a Data Directive in E10, but had a different name in V8. BAM? For Business Activity Monitor, maybe. I recall you select the table and then which fields to monitor. It would be good to see which tables and fields are being monitored. Then you could at least know which fields weren’t changed.

Either way, adding new fields to monitor won’t create past history.

(Calvin Krusen) #11

You mentioned “jobs for releases”. So are these Make To Order jobs for the individual releases of an order line?

I’m wondering if them being linked to the order line can somehow change the Job’s Req By date if the Order’s Req By Date changes.

(Calvin Krusen) #12

Another thing … In E10 there is a setting in Company Config Under production Module, that allows you to prevent changes to Engineered Jobs. This makes all fields of a Job to be Read Only, unless you un-engineer it.

Edit: And The audit log has to be enabled in the same place as the Prevent Job Changes, mentioned above.

(Joe Lalonde) #13

They are Make To Order jobs. They also hadn’t changed anything there.

It’s now sounding like it’s not that big of a deal we figure out what happened. Yet I’m still intrigued as to what happened that got their name attributed to the action.

(K White) #14

You mentioned that the user was copying stuff out of the job to excel. is it possible that the user accidentally changed something and didn’t realize it. I tend to believe my change logs before the users. I have seen many accidental clicks and they don’t even pay attention that they had just changed something. But i could be wrong.

(Calvin Krusen) #15

I don’t think I could load, change and save; three different jobs in 2 seconds :wink:

(K White) #16

Probably not but if linked and changed one…possible?

(Calvin Krusen) #17

I was thinking the user didn’t directly change that field in Job Entry, But rather something they did caused the Req By dates to update

@jlalonde - Any BPMs that might be doing some automatic updates?