Upgrading/Migrating to 10.2.100 friendly reminder

(Nathan your friendly neighborhood Support Engineer) #1

Support has had some cases where a customer mentioned that they were told they needed to upgrade to intermediate releases before upgrading to the latest release.

  • If you are currently on any 10.x release, you can install 10.2.100.x and upgrade directly from 10.x to 10.2.100. That could be 10.0.600.4, 10.0.700.2, 10.1.400.12, 10.1.500.19 or even 10.1.600.20. Any 10.x release direct to 10.2.100.x.
  • if you are on some release pre-Epicor ERP 10.x, you need to upgrade to Epicor 9.05.702a first. Then, you can install 10.2.100.x and migrate directly to 10.2.100.x.

Please don’t assume that you have to stop at any 10.x releases between where you are starting at and 10.2.100 for your sake–that just increases the amount of upgrade time.

I return you back to your regularly scheduled programming.

(Ed Stang) #2

Thank you!