Time Traveler?

(Joseph Moeller) #1

After you click the “Reply” button to respond to a question that is <1m old, if you look very closely, you can see @josecgomez 's icon in the bottom left of the screen just before he beats you to the response.

I’m calling you out, @josecgomez as a time traveler that copies well thought out responses from the future and pastes them as responses to questions as soon as they pop up.

(Brandon Anderson) #2

Yeah, I’m pretty sure he has some automated liking going on too. I’ve seen a like come back at almost the same time I hit send. How does he even have time to read it? lol

(Joseph Moeller) #3

Time travel. The only plausible explanation…


(Jose C Gomez) #4

Shh don’t give away my secret