Task Set flow - how to assign users to each individual task

(Srinivas Kumaraswamy) #1


I’ve created a CRM task set for Opportunity/Quote Entry to track the quote from sales inquiry to engineering release. There is a unique role to each step, but I am having difficulty having the task sent to the next user responsible for that step. From what we’ve tested, when the first task is completed, the next task defaults to the primary salesperson for that customer. They or an authorized user can change the task’s responsible party, but what we would like is to have that already set up in CRM/task set, so when a task is completed, it should proceed to the next task and assign it to the person responsible for that task. Is there a way to do this in E10?

Thanks in advance.

(Srinivas Kumaraswamy) #2

Hello, checking in to see if anyone could provide some feedback on this issue. Thank you.

(Ernie Lowell) #3

This is actually gone through pretty thoroughly in the Education courses, I’m not sure how fully it’s described in the System Help but that would be your best place to start.

(Srinivas Kumaraswamy) #4

Thank you Ernie. I created a workflow group and associated it with the task set I created but it still seems to be doing the same thing. I see a drop down menu for “approvers” under each task in the workflow group maintenance module but it’s not populated with anything. I’ve added 5 group members with the role code associated with the task, but I’m still getting the same thing - when the primary salesperson completes the first task, it auto-defaults back to them, and the other group members are unable to complete the next task in the sequence.

(Chris Conn) #5

When the user completes the task, dont they have a dropdown to choose who it is assigned to next?

(Srinivas Kumaraswamy) #6

Hi Chris,

Yes they do. However, when they check box “complete”, select the next person in the “assigned to” responsible for that task and hits “update”, it disregards their selection and goes back to themselves as “assigned to”, and then they have to select “assigned to” again, and hit update, to make it actually stick. What would be ideal is have it move to the next person they assign it to without having to go back into the quote. Is there a way to do that?

(Srinivas Kumaraswamy) #7

I believe this has something to do with how the territories are set up in our company. It seems the territory designation overrides the workflow, as the subsequent task in that quote defaults to the primary salesperson for that territory. I tried assigning the task set in question to the territory I’m testing and set up a workflow group with that task set, but the “assigned to” in the quote entry->tasks->details screen continues to be overridden with the primary salesperson for that territory. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.