Resource Scheduling



Our company uses the Resource Scheduling Board to plan and manage our shop. This is a very useful, yet complex process to master. I would like to establish an online “user group” of folks who also use Resource Scheduling. Occasionally we all have questions about the Scheduling process. A user group would be a great way to learn best practices for the module.

If interested, please reply and we’ll establish an online group.

Russ Elrod
General Manager, Brown Precision Inc.
Huntsville, AL

(Brandon Anderson) #2

Why not make it a part of this forum? I’m sure that if you think it’s necessary they could make a separate area for this. What’s the goal that would require something separate from this site?

(Dave Dortman) #3

Agree if we could do it here that would be helpful. Thanks.

(Matt Helfrey) #4

I would be interested in this group.

(Andris Skulte) #5

Can we keep it here? I’d be interested in lurking and picking up tips too…

(Jose C Gomez) #6

@RussElrod this forum already exists and has a great community of people. Feel free to start topics here regarding scheduling.
This isn’t just a technical forum all Epicor topics are welcomed and encouraged



Thanks for your reply. I’m new to E10Help. Where can I locate the forum specific to Resource Scheduling?


(Jose C Gomez) #8

What I mean by “this forum already exists” I am talking about E10 Help. It’s a great forum for all topics related to Epicor and it already has a great community of people that would be interested in this topic.

There isn’t a specific forum for that particular topic within E10Help… But there doesn’t need to be (in my opinion).

You are free to start a topic on many or all topics related to Epicor and everyone will be notified and I’m sure eager to participate.

As many have shown interest above you’ll get plenty of engagement. This community is dedicate to all areas of Epicor not just technical issues. We embrace and encourage all conversations that can benefit one another.

You can tag a Topic with Resource Scheduling or Scheduling so that people know what it is related to.

If it becomes necessary we can create a specific category for it, but frankly most people in this forum are interested in all parts of Epicor so any question you pose should get engagement. Specially if its a topic of interest to the community.

(Evan Purdy) #9

For example if you give someone the link they will see only posts with the tag “resources” and if they hit new topic it will add the tag “resources” automatically.


Thanks for your feedback everyone. Sounds like we should take Jose’s advice and just tag our posts with Scheduling. If we find a need for a separate category, maybe Jose / Epicor will work with us on that.

As for the goal, it’s to share best practices about Resource Scheduling, answer questions, and bounce ideas off other experienced users. I know plenty of experienced Epicor users who are not experienced with Scheduling. It’s definitely a niche topic with it’s own set of challenges.

I look forward to the future dialogue and questions. Stay tuned!!


(Gil Violette) #11

I live in the Epicor scheduling world. Glad to assist the forum in any way possible, also looking forward to learning from the folks here.