Reprint AR Invoice Edit List

(Chia Chang) #1

Is there a way to re-print an Edit list after an AR Invoice group has been posted?

(Randy Stulce) #2

I’m thinking no, that’s what we tell our AR people.

But following in case there is a trick I’m unaware of.

(Monty Wilson) #3

I wonder if APM would save it off somewhere.

(Mark Wonsil) #4

I don’t think so but the information of what did post would be in the GLJrnDetail table - including the Group ID. I think the Edit List uses the posting engine to get the account numbers. If you ran it later and the rules or GL Controls changed, you wouldn’t get the same accounts. So, it would make sense that you couldn’t reprint. But, like I said, the actual posting is available.

Mark W.

(Dave Moon) #5

Remember that if you want to save report “temporarily” you can use the Archive feature on the reports and retrieve the report in system moniter during the Archive period. (week in example)

(Charlie Smith) #6


(Calvin Krusen) #7

And even with an Archive period on None, you should be able to retrieve it from the system monitor, for about an hour.