Refresh Interval for Dashboard

(Alice Elizabeth Smith) #1

Hello all,

This one seems so basic…I would like to refresh this dashboard on a set interval (every 10 minutes or so). I see the Refresh Interval box on the query, but it reads -1 and I can’t seem to change it. Any thoughts?




(Nathan your friendly neighborhood Support Engineer) #2

Dashboards aren’t my area at all, but, if you deselect Auto Refresh on Load does that do anything to the refresh interval field? If that doesn’t do anything, if you reselect Auto refresh on Load does refresh interval become exposed?

(Calvin Krusen) #3

I noticed you have the word “Updatable” in the BAQ ID. Is the Dashboard query you’re trying to change the primary one? Or is it a sub dashboard fed by another?

(Alice Elizabeth Smith) #4

Alas, the “Auto refresh on load” doesn’t appear to affect the Interval field. Thank you though.

(Alice Elizabeth Smith) #5

This is a simple dashboard that shows receipt lines as they come in. It only contains one updatable query that allows update of the RcvDtl.ReceivedComplete field for partial shipments. Does the fact that this is an updatable query have any bearing on the refresh interval?

(Calvin Krusen) #6

I first thought you were looking at a deployed dashboard. But then realized you were looking at the non deployed version, as there is no Developer mode for a deployed one.

I have a dashboard with an updatable Query (it’s the sub query of a main one), It has the Interval grayed out too. The main query’s interval is editable.

This sub-dashboard does have filters (linked to published fields from the main dashboard). Does your query have any filters, or fields set to publish?

EDIT : One more thing… Is the Enable Refresh All box checked on the General tab? Not that I think it should be.


(Brandon Anderson) #7

I think it has to do with an updateable BAQ. I checked some of mine and it follows that logic. It also looks like it doesn’t matter if you actually use the dashboard as updateable or not. The setting is before you would get to that point, so it’s simply the fact that the BAQ is updateable. You could make a copy of it an uncheck the updateable check box in the BAQ if you want to use it as non-updateable. I think it should work then.

Think about it from a programmer and end user perspective. If I had a dashboard that I was making changes to, how mad would I be when it refreshed in the middle of my changes? I think they disable it on purpose because they don’t want that to happen.

(Alice Elizabeth Smith) #8

Wow. I might need to rethink my approach. Thank you for the insight.

(Calvin Krusen) #9

You could make the main Dashboard use a non-updatable BAQ, with an auto refresh set. Then have the sub dashboard be the one that uses the updatable BAQ, and use it only for data entry.

(Alice Elizabeth Smith) #10

Thank you. I think that may be my best option. Support confirmed the same.