Programs/Forms - Readonly


(Chai Chang) #1

Is it possible to set all programs from within Epicor readonly without doing customization to the form? We would like to give a user read-only access so that they can deploy any form customization without having write access. Everything I searched, it can be done, but each form has to be customized and assigned to the user.

I noticed that in menu maintenance within the detail tab and then program, there’s a checkbox for “Read Only”. Assumed this would set that module for read-only to everyone?

(Nancy Hoyt) #2

Hi Chai,

We have customized the heck out of our sales order entry. We need other users in company to see the custom tabs/fields too but did not want them to have ability to create or edit records in sales order entry. We also did not want to duplicate the customization on sales order tracker, which is available to all personnel in system.

Therefore, we have a Sales Order Entry (read-only) deployed to the main menu with open assignment to all users in system, similar to how we handle most trackers…

There is not a separate customization on the Sales Order Entry (read-only) program. It is the same (Rev.35, yep that’s right) customization as the menu deployed Sales Order Entry program standard assigned to order entry folks.

Does this help describe how it may work at all for your needs?


(Pierre Hogue) #3


What version are you on? We did the same as Nancy…(us too version 6.5 of sales order! :wink: so must be our version 65…urghh )

Isnt there a Field security maintenance program?
We are on 10.0.700 and this feature wa buggy so we had to create seperate custo for not allowing some users not to see costing info…

But in 10.2 was told it was fixed (not tested) But this program would allow you to select a field from a table to readonly… for specific group of users …

You may want to look at it…


(Chai Chang) #4

Thanks. We’re on 10.2. So from my understanding, if I want this user to have access, I would have to go and set every single program, deployed for read-only, and assign to this user only correct? So my menu maintenance would need to have a duplicate of all the programs it seems? Kind of a lot of work if that’s the case.

(Tim Shoemaker) #5

The other option to consider… when you add UD Fields to the sales order entry program, also add them to the order tracker (which is already read only). the Tracker doesn’t need all the functionality of order entry, but having the fields visible in the same places makes it appear to be the same.

(Haso Keric) #6

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