Printing two SSRS reports at once

(Gregory Leepart) #1

My client wants to print the invoice ARForm and SalesOrderAcknowledgement reports at the same time or together.

My thinking is that I would need to modify the ARForm RDD to also include the tables and relationships of the OrderAck RDD. Then I would need to create space below the ARForm report and copy/paste the SalesOrderAcknowledgement report into it. I would also need to include the datasources from SOAck.

This seems like a lot of work, especially considering the ARForm has already had to be modified to exclude tons of columns in order for the report data to generate.

I’m hoping someone has done this before and found an easier way to achieve this.

Thank you in advance for your time and effort.

(Mike Watkinson) #2

Did you try playing around with a data directive which would auto print both reports? You should have the parameters you need for the SO Ack on the invoice.

(Surendra Pal) #3

Hi Greg,

Based on my knowledge two or more document(report) to merge in single functionality no available in Epicor by default.

Yes you can print both using Auto Print functionality as @Mike suggestion using data directives put condition Auto Print Ready checkbox or add new options to check condition before print(avoid each time printing) .

(tyler fenwick) #4

@Gregory_Leepart We ran into a similar occurrence a few weeks ago where one of the CSG development members wrote a BAQ and a form customization to print out the material queue and job traveler in sequence at the same time. May be worth a shot to reach out to them.