Printing time delays recently very slow. 9.05.701


(Just some cat on a guitar) #1

Lately our printing times have increased substantially.
I have restarted the Process Server and Task Agent which usually helps.
I have a print server which I also rebooted.

We have certain times like shift change where we get a wave of printing activity, could this be a tuning parameter which I could increase ?


(Nathan your friendly neighborhood Support Engineer) #2

Always start with running the Performance and Diagnostic Tool > Config Check and address any warnings/failures it reports to start.

(Just some cat on a guitar) #3

Since stopping the Process Server and Task Agent didn’t fix it, I went for the nuclear option.

This was finally solved with a full reboot of the Epicor Server as well as the print server and terminal server.

I suspect it was the Terminal Server but at this point it doesn’t matter. Bigger fish to fry.