Printing some reports (Usually Custom) take a longer than expected time

(Shawn Hobdy) #1


I have been told that some reports are taking longer to print that before.

One example was the ARForm. I have customized it and it ran fine.

Now when I print and watch the Report Monitor, it takes 10-30 seconds on the active tasks tab, 20-30 seconds on the history tasks tab, then finally shows up and prints at the same time when it hits the Reports tab.

I have restarted the servers to see if that would do anything and it didn’t help. BTW, I have 4 separate servers for App, SQL, Task, and SSRS.

Any ideas on this? Any logs to check? If so, how would I find where those logs were set up?

Any help is appreciated.



(Bruce Ordway) #2

Have you already checked your system monitor config?
Online Help explains what each field does and their limits.