Printing attachment from the Job Traveler screen straight to the printer without a preview


(Alex Dniprovskyi) #1

Hey guys,

I am new to Epicor and have a very Junior knowledge in programming but here is what I am facing right now.
We need to print an attachment straight to the network printer from the Job Traveler screen. As I understand we need to do a customization for that. Prior start customizing the Job Traveler screen I have traced logs in order to catch the flow and gather more information.

Here is what I found when printed a preview:

  <PartDescription>1224 headstock machining</PartDescription>
  **And a bunch of XYZ info from JobHead Table printed.........**

Here I found some interesting stuff:

  <DrawDesc>M0161 headstock.dft</DrawDesc>
  <FileName>N:\Drawing Files\12in mini\M0161 headstock.dft</FileName>

JobHeadAttch table is not in DB and I assume it’s a temp table that is created while a printing preview process is in action (I might be wrong here though).

Do you know guys if there is a way to set up a scenario like:

Place a custom button on a JobTravaler screen.
When the button is clicked just grab that path and send it to print to a whatever network printer is set up?
If you guys could give a hint or a pointer where to look at that would be awesome and appreciated a lot!



(Bruce Ordway) #2

I wonder if a “print” button going to be practical for attachments?
Can you tell us how users are manually handling the attachments now?

I’m thinking that a job can have multiple attachments in multiple locations in the tree. (Job, Asm, Op, Mtl). So not sure how a user would identify the attachment to print from a button click?

You could try looking up some basics too…

Data dictionary to look up tables Ice.XFileAttach and Ice.XFileRef for attachment records.

And searching this forum for “button” & “LFO” should find some generic examples of launching a form from a button.

(Alex Dniprovskyi) #3

Hi Bruce,

Thanks for your reply.

How users simply print a drawing from Solid Edge ST9.

In our case all attachments are in the Job location in the tree.

I have checked tables Ice.XFileAttach and Ice.XFileRef for attachment records and I found all paths for all drawings in XFileRef table under XFileName field.

Is there a way to implement a check from the JobTraveler screen like??? :

if( < FileName>N:\Drawing Files\12in mini\M0161 headstock.dft< /FileName> == XFileName)
send to printer a file from this path N:\Drawing Files\12in mini\M0161 headstock.dft
Do nothing



(Bruce Ordway) #4

Have you already obtained the customization manuals?
If not, you can download them from EpicWeb.
They will include some generic examples of how to perform the record lookups that you could apply towards getting your attachment file names/paths.

As for submitting the print job… there are too many unknowns for me.
A wild guess…

  • if clients are using a CAD viewer to print Solid Edge ST9 .dft files
  • you might be able to launch the viewer from a button and pass the filename/path
    Maybe look at the basic examples of button/launch in the customization manuals too.
    Could be a starting point?

(Alex Dniprovskyi) #5

Thanks Bruce,

I am going to check out your suggestions.


(Alex Dniprovskyi) #6

Hi Bruce,

I have found something very similar to my situation and now having some talking with people about it.

If you do not mind to review this topic: Print Part Attachments When Mass Printing Job Travelers and comment your thought will be much appreciated.