Pending Cash Account is not defined for bank


(Pawel Drag) #1

Does anyone has this type of problem. I cut a check to a vendor, but transaction failed to post because "Errors
Post Payment Total to Bank Cash/Pending Account : Pending Cash Account is not defined for bank:1000
Transaction does not balance" The “1000” is my GL code for operating account. I tried to delete the entry but Epicor would not let me since check was already cut. the check cannot be voided because it is Posting error.pdf (58.5 KB)
not posted. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You

(Dora Chavarria) #2

You need to add the ar and ap pending cash account on the GL Control maintenance for Control Type Bank

(Pawel Drag) #3


Thank you for the quick response. I added Pending AP AR cash account under GL Control Type Maintenance for the bank account, but when I tried to repost my cash disbursement entry, it still showed with the same error. Also, I added use pending account under Bank Account Maintenance, but this did not help either. I have attached my screen shots. Any help would be greatly appreciated.Pending cash account error.docx (141.6 KB)

(Dora Chavarria) #4

You need to add the GL Account under GL Control Code… Select the Control Code selected for your bank and enter the appropiate gl account example 1000-00-12 .

(Pawel Drag) #5

It worked, Thank You very much Dora. :slight_smile:

(Dora Chavarria) #6