Operation Due Hours - Help understand where this is coming


(Chai Chang) #1

So looking at the JobOper.DueHour field, not sure how this is getting calculated. I am looking at the data dictionary and this is what it indicate.

This field is established by scheduling. It represents the “Hour offset from the beginning of the work day” when this operation is scheduled to end.

When I look at the job scheduling board, the assembly 0 shows 6 hours for qty of 3. There’s a sub assembly of 1 that shows .23 of 3. However, I cannot see this sub assembly or how it is calculating that .23 hours for qty of 3. Any ideas?

(Brandon Anderson) #2

did the prod qty change at any time? Or the Qty per? There is a message that pops up after you uncheck engineered, save, then recheck it, and save. Something about resetting quantities. I’m wondering if that’s were it would do that.

(Ashley Gillis) #3

Are you asking how the DueHour field is calculated, or how the estimated production hours are calculated?
In a common set-up, production hours are (prod std * op qty * assembly qty) + setup, calculated for each operation. Put each operation together end-to-end on the calendar, skipping non-work hours, and that’s where you get StartHour and DueHour. Your work hours are defined in the Production Calendar and by default start at midnight.

(Chai Chang) #4

I am just asking how it gets calculated. Like how did it come up with 6 hours for a 3 qty. Your explanation helps.

(Chai Chang) #5

BTW where can I find this field? I looked in Job Entry and Job Tracker and can’t find it. It’s in the field, just not sure which screen display this.

(Ashley Gillis) #6

It’s in the same place in Job Entry and Job Tracker. Go to the Job Details tab, then Operations, then Detail. If there’s a sub-assembly, it’s easiest to expand the assembly in the tree view and select the operations there.

(Chai Chang) #7

Hmmm I might be missing something, but I don’t see “DueHour” in here anywhere? Can you point to where it is?

If I look at the JobOper for this operation, the “DueHour” field indicate 6 hours.

(Ashley Gillis) #8

Oh, sorry. I think I understand what you’re after now. The DueHour field isn’t shown on Details by default. Go to the List tab. If DueHour isn’t already a column, you’ll have to add it. If your theme has a Field Chooser button in the upper left corner of the grids, you can click that, then locate DueHour and check it. If not, you’ll have to use Personalization to add the column to the grid’s column collection.

You’ll have a Due Hour for scheduled operations even if they don’t have estimated time, because it’s a representation of a time of day. We schedule backwards from 2pm, so our final operation has a due hour of 14 (hours past midnight), even though we don’t estimate time for it. A due hour of 8.51 is equivalent to 8:30am. Does that help?

(Chai Chang) #9

Ah Thank you. That worked.