New Suggestions for dates over a year old

(Brandon Anderson) #1

We are getting suggestions for things with dates in the past. We don’t run MRP, but we do notice that time phase has the note above that says Last MRP run. The last schedule date correlates with these old suggestions. It’s not on everything, but it’s it’s on a fair amount of things. Our purchaser has probably been deleting them, because they don’t help, so I don’t know how many are being generated at this time. The process MRP check box is checked, but it’s checked on most of our parts. Does anyone have any ideas on what I should check to see why some parts are getting these old suggestions generated?

Setting up MRP on a schedule
(Gil Violette) #2

Purchasing suggestions can be run independently from processing MRP. It’s also generated as part of MRP, but MRP does not have to run to generate suggestions.

(Brandon Anderson) #3

any idea why we are getting a suggestion date for 4/19/2017?

(Gil Violette) #4

Last schedule date 4/19/2017, negative on-hand.

(Brandon Anderson) #5

what does “last schedule date” mean?

(Gil Violette) #6

The “Last MRP Run” is the date that we last ran MRP.
The “Last Schedule Date” is the earliest start date of orders generated through MRP. It is set here.

(Brandon Anderson) #7

well, Like I said, we don’t have MRP, so we don’t have that screen. And, from what you are telling me, I can run suggestions without MRP, but I get bogus dates because I don’t run MRP?

Does this have something to do with Global scheduling? We don’t use that either, but we at least have access to it.

(Gil Violette) #8

MRP will create planned jobs for demand that has not been met per the parameters set up for ordering the fabricated item on Part/Plant. Purchasing Suggestions will roll the requirements up for those jobs and create suggestions to buy based upon the parameters set up for the purchased item on Part/Plant. Typically those run at the same time - as part of the MRP process.

Generate Purchase Suggestions looks at time-phase information to create suggestions. If there are no planned jobs, no demand for material (for the planned jobs) will be shown.

Unsure if that answers your question, but it’s my best understanding of the functioning as I have.

(Nancy Hoyt) #9

Hi Brandon,

The part is negative so it’s due immediately, the question I think is why is immediately considered 4/19/2017?
We run MRP. I have found that when we submitted a run to the task schedule, and didn’t have “dynamic” checked on the submit of the MRP process, we used to get bad old date too (date the task was submitted). Any chance you have submitted it to task schedule and didn’t check the dynamic per below?

HTH Nancy

(Brandon Anderson) #10


We do not, I didn’t think it would make a difference because 3/26/2018 is today anyways, but I’ll give it a shot.

We do have a system scheduled run of a regenerative purchase suggestions every morning. It could be that I didn’t mess with the date when I set it up, and it’s running every morning with that old processing date. I’m surprised that we wouldn’t have had more problems sooner if that is the case, but I’ll try that again.

Side note, Our pilot system has a stuck record that says it’s generating purchase suggestions, so I can’t run a test. Anyone know how to clear that?

(Nancy Hoyt) #11

Can you click on the row in the Active Tasks and click the little delete icon upper left? :slight_smile:

(Brandon Anderson) #12

It won’t delete. (believe me, I keep trying…)

I’m going to try this, and we’ll see if I can get it to clear. It’s pilot anyways, so I’m not too worried about breaking stuff. It’s a good day to learn something new.

(Brandon Anderson) #13

So I made a Ubaq and a custom action calling the SysTask DeleteByID BO.

That cleared out the active task, and now it let me start the new one.

Now I can test.

(Brandon Anderson) #14

So I ran purchase suggestions with the dynamic box checked, and no more old dates.

I’m going to wait until tomorrow and see if the regenerative that I have on schedule ends up resetting them to old dates, and If so, I’ll delete the one in the schedule and re-add it with the dynamic check box checked.

Thanks, @Nancy !!

(Gil Violette) #15

I will say this much - more an FYI than anything.

When we run MRP and unselect “Use historical dates”, the purchasing suggestions uses historical dates anyway. This is alright for our current environment - but I thought I would let folks know about the setting’s apparent lack of functionality. The planned jobs do not use historical dates, but the purchasing suggestions do.

We are on 8.03.406A.

(Monty Wilson) #16

On the subject of getting “deleted” processes to clear-out, we’ve found that restarting these two brokers in E9 will do the trick:


…and in E10 the Task Agent can be stopped/started similarly.


(Brandon Anderson) #17

We tried those things before I bothered asking about it. It didn’t work unfortunately.