Material issue report

(Marty Merillat) #1

I cannot find a ‘report’ that shows the materials that have been issued to a job.

I hope I am just missing an easy click somewhere…

Is it on the menu and I just cant find it?



(Rick Stannard) #2

Hi Marty,

You can use the Production Detail report found in the Actions menu in Job Entry.

(Marty Merillat) #3

Thanks so much David.


(Dave Moon) #4

Job Tracker also shows material issues and labor details

(Marty Merillat) #5

Thanks Dave…. Yes…

The problem is that we are “issuing material” to a job… .then the materials team wants a “report” that shows what they JUST issued.


(al maragni (USA - NY/NJ)) #6

i do not believe there is a standard report except for the ACTIONS/Transaction Log which you can export to excel

however, you could run the Material Transaction Detail for the date,whs and select issue transactions to get a hard copy. also if you are using AdvMatMgmt - i think you can print the MaterialQueue transactions.

(Marty Merillat) #7

Thank you.

Also, If you have the “latest patched version” of EPICOR, you can print the issued materials by:

(Alejandro Cortes) #8

In my company I had to create one since the Materials team wanted a report with all the jobs and what has been issued.

(Bill Lazzell) #9

I created a dashboard for our materials team. We are not yet live, but are in the final stages of implementing.

(Tim Shoemaker) #10

Fairly simple BAQ - JobHead linked to PartTran table, and you can filter by Job number to get all the transactions (Ins AND outs) that happened with this job. It will even show the value of those transactions, dates, who made them, etc.