Material issue report

(Marty Merillat) #1

I cannot find a ‘report’ that shows the materials that have been issued to a job.

I hope I am just missing an easy click somewhere…

Is it on the menu and I just cant find it?



(Rick Stannard) #2

Hi Marty,

You can use the Production Detail report found in the Actions menu in Job Entry.

(Marty Merillat) #3

Thanks so much David.


(Dave Moon) #4

Job Tracker also shows material issues and labor details

(Marty Merillat) #5

Thanks Dave…. Yes…

The problem is that we are “issuing material” to a job… .then the materials team wants a “report” that shows what they JUST issued.


(al maragni (USA - NY/NJ)) #6

i do not believe there is a standard report except for the ACTIONS/Transaction Log which you can export to excel

however, you could run the Material Transaction Detail for the date,whs and select issue transactions to get a hard copy. also if you are using AdvMatMgmt - i think you can print the MaterialQueue transactions.

(Marty Merillat) #7

Thank you.

Also, If you have the “latest patched version” of EPICOR, you can print the issued materials by:

(Mario Cortes) #8

In my company I had to create one since the Materials team wanted a report with all the jobs and what has been issued.