Manifest speed--Trace?

(William) #1

My shippers have been struggling with some delays in Epicor/Manifest. They go to pack it and Epicor spins, they freight it spins, and it’s only when they are busy in shipping. Otherwise it moves at a decent pace.

Question is, can I trace and see actual speed during their periods of sluggishness? Or maybe record data to analyze later from during this period? Trying to see if it is slowest in Manifest or in Epicor writing to tables. Although our entire setup is solid state drives so this should not be an issue, in my opinion.

(Bryan DeRuvo) #2

Which version?

You may see some performance increase if sync the parts and regenerate shipping options on the carrier codes.

The Manifest Support team has had to run sql fixes for me in the past to resolve a few issues related to performance and timeouts.

(William) #3

We are using Epicor 10.1.400.19 and Manifest V3. However we will be upgrading to V4 here shortly. But it seems I am not the only one.

(Jessica Crociata) #4

We found that rebooting our server that held Manifest caused much of our slow speeds. Before we implemented routine reboots, it was a nightmare…so much so we called the spinning the “wheel of death”…it would even freight in Manifest without freighting in Epicor it would time out badly. I suggest getting the Manifest Support team to look at your sql as well. That and routine server reboots and cleaning out of the data files helped our running times greatly.

(William) #5

@Jessica_Crociata How routine are we talking? Daily? Weekly? Monthly?

(Jessica Crociata) #6

We reboot our servers weekly, over the weekends. Now, this is an automatic thing our IT people set up but what isn’t set up is restarting some of our integrations we have that run with our ERP system…so a reboot may mean manually restarting any integrations you may have if not set up to automatically restart. For example, I have to restart our auto-print label integrations we have on Monday mornings and also at that time, I clear out by deleting, the Manifest print files stored from the previous week. It’s basically just some routine maintenance habits that I have gotten into the habit of. Again, I am sure it will depend on how much shipping you are doing each day and how many files you are storing that will help you to determine how often you will want to complete such tasks. And I am sure there are ways of automating some if not all of what I complete manually but, I am not that savvy and our tech peeps are kinda pricey so…I just go about it manually once a week! Again, I think Epicor Manifest consultants would be able to give you better clarification on what would be best for your specific needs.