Key already exists error with customization


(Brandon Anderson) #1

So on this dashboard, when I opened up the customization for the first time (nothing done to it yet) I get this error. “Key already exists”. Any ideas on what can cause this? I made a custom tracker box for OpCode because I didn’t want the drop down that comes automatically when you add it in via the normal tracker, but that was the only thing I did on the RunTime side before deploying.

(Toby Lai) #2

I got the same error when customizing any deployed dashboard.
I just ignore that error for now as it doesn’t really affect anything from my view.

(Daryl Hewison) #3

Same for us. We have quite a few customized deployed dashboards and they ALL do it since 10.2. It doesn’t seem to cause any trouble after clicking OK.

(Caleb Grundmeier) #4

I get it too. It’s annoying but it doesn’t seem to do anything. I’ve been meaning create a case to Epicor but haven’t found the time to get my ducks in a row before submitting it. It seems to happen when you have more than one panel(TrackerView or Grid view) tied to the same query. I think the dashboard tool is naming the “Key” property of the panels the same so when the form opens and caches/loads the layout, it finds more than one panel with the same key, throwing the error.