Job Opportunity - Rockford, IL


(Ross Hughes) #1

We are doing a re-implementation of Epicor 10.2.300.X at a company in Rockford, IL and are looking to hire a full time on-site Epicor Business System Analyst to be a part of the implementation process and own/support it after go-live.

A good job and a great opportunity for all things Epicor 10. If you, or somebody you know, is interested please send all inquiries to for a more complete job description and/or additional details.


(Randy Stulce) #2


I know some people near Rockford I’ll pass this on.

(Chris Conn) #3

I was just up in ole Rockford about 2 weeks ago. Had to stop by Rosemont Casino and lose some money. By the way, I also know some people up there, what level of epicor experience are you looking for?

(Ross Hughes) #4

Ideally, really good but I will consider anything. Not necessarily deep development requirements as much as solid system management, query/report writing, process management/training and understanding system flow. Development, is definitely a plus, though.


(Ross Hughes) #5

Thank you!