Import Data into E10 from external source without Service Connect

(Daniel Cardoso) #1


do you have any experience Importing Data into E10 from external source without Service Connect?
I currently have production data stored in a SQL server that I would like to import into Epicor and linked to jobs.

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(Dan Edwards) #2

There are several options I have used before that are pretty easy.

1 - BPM (can be scheduled to import)
2 - DMT (Using Windows Scheduler or Folder Event Triggers)
3 - REST
4 - Custom Apps using REST or other API methods depending on E10 version

Are you looking for real-time type interfacing, nightly batch, or one-time imports?

(Daniel Cardoso) #3

Thank you for those ideas. I started to look into DMT. My first apllication will be reporting data and I see 2 objects that should help: “Quick Job Entry” and “Job Receipt to Inventory”.

I am looking to real-time. Right every we produce a box of product, a record is stored in a SQL database less than a 1 second later.

(Brandon Anderson) #4

You should really get DMT anyways, There’s a ton of stuff that you can do with it. It’s not so much for the real time update though. But like I said, super helpful for sooooo many things.

(Theodore Koch) #5

Create an External BAQ to query data from external data sources.

(Mark Damen) #6


SQL server integration services (SSIS) to monitor a folder and then process the records via DMT - create a loop so that it runs continuous and checks for new files in the folder.

(Dan Edwards) #7

You can use SSIS or Powershell for the FileSystemWatcher

(Daniel Cardoso) #8

Turns out REST is not supported in the version of E10 I have 10.1.400.7, according to Epicor support you need at least 10.1.600. You mentioned in your message that there are other API methods, what would you use for 10.1.400?

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Daniel Cardoso

(Jose C Gomez) #9

WCF web services or DMT come to mind


(Haso Keric) #10

REST should be available in 500 and upgrading from 10.1.400 to 10.1.500 shouldn’t be difficult. In theory it should not break anything - I find 500 to be more stable once you get to 10.1.500.30.

If I was you and I wanted to start this route I would use REST so you don’t have to rework.