How to open specific menus/processes using command line parameters?


(Kevin Higby) #1

I’m using AutoHotKey to launch modules using keywords, but am currently using a workaround solution where the script generates a mfgsys config file with the appropriate ProcessID (from the Help>About menu). It’s inefficient and doesn’t work properly for certain modules (Time Phase Inquiry, for one).

I see that Epicor 10 supports runtime parameters that do exactly this, but can’t find any information on the same for 8.03.

Specifically I’m looking for something like /ProcessID=SRG1001 to append to the run command.

I know mfgsys.exe accepts parameters like /MES, but can’t find a list of other parameters it accepts, or whether it’s possible to launch specific modules this way.

I’ve also considered using AutoHotKey’s SendMessage command to open windows, but I’m not familiar with it, so I’m not even sure it applies in my situation.