Global Alerts / Shop Alerts - Clearing email queue

(Adam Smith) #1

My Global Alerts Email process has been disabled for a few years now. When I turned it on the other day, my users started getting emails that have been in the queue since it was turned off. Is there a way to clear the global alerts/shop alert queue? I want to start using the alerts again, but I do not want all the old alerts to be sent.

(Tracy Smith) #2

Are they in the Global Alert Error Log? You can delete them from there.

(Adam Smith) #3

I found the answer to the question. There is a table called AlertQue which is a queue of all your alerts. I found a conversion program in the Admin Tools (not sure if everyone has it) called “7280-Fail Pending Global Alerts”. I ran that conversion. It took about 3 hours to clear out the 6 years of alerts. I can now turn on the Global Email alerts without sending all of the old messages.