GL Codes and Purchasers

(William) #1

So, how does the GL Codes work with purchasers? I was asked about adding a GL Code to a purchaser and I’m not sure what to look for or at.

(Aaron Willett) #2

There’s no GL Control Code for buyers.
You could, however, set it on the product group or part class for all parts that the buyer manages if that’s an option for you.

(Mark Wagner) #3

You can add a GL Control to a supplier if you can be sure that the products or services the supplier provides always goes to the same expense/GL account upon receiving. When a supplier has a GL control the receipt produces the following:

Debit to supplier gl control/inventory/expense account

Credit AP Clearing

Otherwise you can set the GL control on the part or part class

(Nick Gomersall) #4

I would sent up a dynamic segment for vendor and amend the cost of sales posting rules

This will then capture everything that hits the GL for vendors in general automatically

You then need a good multi dimentional reporting tool as Epicor struggles to report over too many segments