Forecast not creating Job


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I have been battling this a lot.

We have forecast in system for a full year in 2021. Whn MPR runs I get job suggestions for all forecast except Dec. I have not cut off date on MRP.



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Sent you more info in PM on this subject, given that its Extended Education Info.

Perhaps this is Relevant (In a Nutshell)

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Assumption is always if you have Semi Bi-Weekly and you have Holidays in December, it might push it to January. idk.

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I opened a support ticket for this issue. They had me remove the forecast and re-enter it. Once I did that and ran MRP the forecast showed up in Time Phase…

WHY?? I have no idea…still waiting on support to see if they can explain why and how to know if this is what needs to be done.

Update: (not sure if I have explained this well. but basically format seems to be key issue)
Why does this happen ?? Epicor explained the when forecast are manually entered there is never any issues. But if the Forecast is entered using an import method (Import Forecast or Past Insert) many times it will not look at them properly because of a bad format. The paste insert may not look at the last forecast because it doesn’t know it is the last one, something that happens on the back end during the paste insert.

Proper Import of Forecast: Epicor suggested that if you use the Import Forecast that is needs a specific format. We should do an Export Forecast to get that proper forecast and use this as our template to import.

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Thanks for sharing