Extra Material Request Queue Entry When Completing With Non-Conform Qty

(Monty Wilson) #1

10.1.600… When directing quantity from completed operation to Non-Conform quantity (to allow PDI inspection as Operation inspection in Inspection Processing), the expected material request queue entry is created to Inspection Processing, along with a second, zero-quantity entry to MFG-OPR. This is an error; these zero-quantity entries cannot be processed but they can be deleted. We want them to not be created in the first place; any experience with this anyone?

(Chris Conn) #2

Would it be possible to just catch them (records of MFG-OPR where qty = 0) in a BPM a throw them away?

(Monty Wilson) #3

I wouldn’t mind that as a workaround, but would it have to be a method directive? I don’t know how to tell base processing to just disregard a record that’s attempting to be saved, without throwing an exception. In my case I don’t want to throw an exception to the user.

(Mark Damen) #4

Very interested in this. I keep meaning to create a BPM (was think data directive) to delete some entries in the Mtl Queue upon creation.

I have PUR-STK transactions created which are not required, and also MFG-STK.

Hoping that Chris post’s how to do this… J

(Chris Conn) #5

You do have some options.

Data vs Method. I think I choose method so you can fine tune when this occurs. For example, maybe some other function also creates a 0 qty MFG-OPR but its expected, or OK - you wouldn’t wanna stop it. So by using method directive, you can focus the exact BO that causing you grief.

I’d trace the steps, find the BO and call where this happens. I imagine it will be an Update - make it a pre-process. Add a C# code block (sure there are other ways) - set terminate on error to true

pseudo code:

foreach(var rec in ttYourTTable)
if(rec.MfgType == “MFG-OPR” && rec.Qty == 0) throw new BLException();

Obviously you’ll want to pick the proper ttable in your bpm, as well as the actual field names.