Execute stored procedure from within Epicor SSRS Report

(Aaron Moreng) #1

I have a report style built off of the Sales Order Acknowledgement form that needs to return the expiration date of a part lot, which is not part of the data definition out of the box.
I have a custom field that stores the Lot Num. What I was attempting was to create a stored procedure that uses company, part num, and lot num variables to return the expiration date of that part lot.
I ran into trouble when attempting to utilize the report fields as parameters. I wanted the report to pass in its native company, native Part Num from the line, and custom Lot Num fields into the report on a per-release level, but the report said I cannot use fields as parameters.

Any idea how I might accomplish this task?

(Ken Nash) #2

something like this?


(Jose C Gomez) #3

You cant just add this to the RDD? Seems like the most reasonable route.
To do what you ask you’ll have to add another days set to the report and a new connection straight to the epicor db instead of the reporting db which bypasses all of the Security


(Aaron Moreng) #4

Good suggestion, I’m sure that’s the appropriate way to do it, but I’ve never needed to mess with reporting before so it’s all new to me :slight_smile:
I’ll give it a shot, thanks

(Aaron Moreng) #5

Thanks Ken, I’ll take a look