Error when trying to globally link a part

(Mark Rowley) #1

Epicor 9.05.701

I get the below error when trying to Integrate a selected global part…

Go to Material Management; Inventory management; Setup. Select Part. The screen that opens is part maintenance. Click on the Integrations tab then click on Link Parts tab. Click on Select Global Parts button. Enter part number in starting at field, search and select W4710. High lite line and click on Link Selected button
Message: Part W4710 does not exist create? Select yes You will get a commodity code error click yes. When the part screen comes up delete the commodity code (near bottom left) then click save. 4GL error occurs.

Update: It is only this part, other parts work as normal.

Anybody seen this before?
Thanks in advance.

(Mark Rowley) #2

Sussed it…its a bizarre one.

  1. went to UK part entry and put in W4710, unticked global and clicked save.
  2. in same screen, ticked global and then saved.
  3. went to INC part entry and ran the process…no error came up.

How could this have happened?
its only a guess but perhaps it has something to do with app servers being restarted and user(s) not logging off?..i have no clue, but at least we know for next time if it occurs again.