Error Delete not allowed. Referenced by at least one Ship To

(Epicor!!) #1

Can anyone help me get around this error message

I’ am trying to delete old users from our work force maintenance and i get the following message delete not allowed. Referenced by at least one Ship To.

(Tim Craft) #2

I would run a BAQ on the Ship To tables to determine which customer/ship to has this workforce, and remove them. That is the only way to solve this issue.

(Mike Gross) #3

Agreed. This workforce is probably specified as the salesperson on those ShipTo entries. Got to clean it all up before you can delete them.

however, if this workforce is attached to ANY other transaction that cannot be modified after the fact, then you will never be able to delete them due to database-level referential integrity. That is why a number of things in Epicor can be marked as “inactive” but never deleted.

(Epicor!!) #4

i thought this would be the case.

Thanks for the help.