Epicor Mobile Dashboards

(Brandon Anderson) #1

I’m exploring the possibilities of using Mobile dashboards, mostly for material and Wip Moves, but maybe other things like reporting operations. I have created rich client dashboards that are helpful because you can use grids and do some mass updates which really helps speed things up in the shop.

The video below from youtube is really helpful in showing how a basic one is made, however, I see that it looks like the updateable functionality looks like a row by row update. For what we want to use them for, that makes it too clunky to be useful. We are better off walking over to a computer and using a rich client/MES dashboard. Does anyone have any experience with using/customizing mobile dashboards? It it something worth pursuing? Or will I just be better off trying to have a custom application made that uses REST in order to be more flexible?

If anyone else has a videos or tutorials that show how this works, that would be appreciated too.

(Brandon Anderson) #2

It looks like you can create a mobile dashboard if you don’t have the license, you just can’t get to it in mobile form to use it. But I can play around with creating one.

From what I can tell, there really isn’t a way to customize this. You get a grid, and a tracker to filter some stuff, and the updateable is going to work row by row pretty much no matter what you do.

Does that sound like a correct assessment?

(John Mitchell) #3

My understanding is that Epicor is releasing their Angular tooling at Insights that will let you build real mobile screens using the Rest API. It’s what their new “Mobile CRM” is built with in 10.2.