Epicor Commerce Connect and Supplier Connect

(Jill Schoedel) #1

Hi, We are looking at a company called Source Day that does P.O. Management via a Web Portal and can write data to and from Epicor 9 or 10. I just learned that Epicor 10 has a module in their ECC that uses the Supplier Connect functionality. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to share a demo of their Supplier Connect site or if there is anyone out there who is using Supplier Connect? We are still on Epicor 9.05.700c and are using the Epicor Portal to communicate to our Suppliers. Need to find a solution that we can use in Epicor 10 so we can move forward with the implementation. Please let me know your thoughts/comments/suggestions, etc.

Thanks so much!

Jill Schoedel