Epicor 10 self-service password reset

(Paul Millsaps) #1

Using Epicor’s user password system, is there a method to allow users to request a forgotten password?

(CL Yuen) #2

Reset password is available in User Maintenance, which emptys the password and allows user to set a new one in next login.
However you cannot request the old password, it is encrypted

(K White) #3

I think he is asking if the user forgets the password is there a button or link they can click to reset password. That would be a nice enhancement.

(Bart Elia) #4

Not yet IN E10 but on the roadmap. Delivery vehicle to be determined but agreed that identity management has needed some modernization. I would recommend looking at Azure AD as a first step. That gives self service and MultiFactor authentication today.
What’s next? TBA

(Joshua Giese) #5


(Bart Elia) #6

Agreed. Identity is under my domain now so something IS happening. When is what I am struggling thru :wink: