Document Sender caching data?


(Epicor!!) #1

We are using document sender to send customer statements via email and I have an issue with document sender where is seems to be caching data / the past statements we have sent. When i use the email button to send the selected statements it seems to be pulling the same 5 statements every time and not the newly selected ones.

I’ am not sure how to resolve this issue.

(Mark Damen) #2

I would hazard a guess that on the statement prints screen, some has gone to Actions – Save Defaults with a filter selected. Use Actions – Remote defaults, it will likely sort this for you.



(Epicor!!) #3

Hi thanks for the reply!

I did try this but no luck as of yet.

(Calvin Krusen) #4

Is it launched from the Ar Entry, like when printing invoices?

Because we have an issue every now and then where printing a single invoice works fine, but printing the whole group would always add one old invoice - that was always the same invoice #, and not in the AR group - to the batch printing. I don’t recall the exact solution, but if seems related, I can dig it up.

(Epicor!!) #5


Yes Calvin it sounds like the same issue.