Cost Roll Verify

(Monty Wilson) #1

What tools did you all use for checking the results of your cost rollup, and making sure all appropriate BOM items, in their correct quantities, were accounted for in the roll? I am aware of the BOM Cost Report; did you use any other tools?

(al maragni (USA - NY/NJ)) #2

I think there is a LOGFILE name selection on the roll up process which may contain the info you seek

(Monty Wilson) #3

Thanks Al! There certainly is, and we can maybe use that to find out why parts roll up correctly in one costing group, and the exact same parts fail in another costing group! Best, …Monty.

(al maragni (USA - NY/NJ)) #4

great - lemme know how it works out. regards

(Monty Wilson) #5

Weirdest thing happened, though not the weirdest thing in the world of Epicor. The user had logged completely out (at least she thought so) back in and wasn’t getting the rollup correctly. When she logged out again and her session was still available in the admin console, terminated that, she logged in and the rolls worked correctly from there. Thanks, …Monty.

(al maragni (USA - NY/NJ)) #6

i call those events “E”-snafu’s