Casting Pattern Handling

(Tim VonDerHaar) #1

Curious if anyone using E10 and has patterns for castings, do you use Epicor to manage them? We have hundreds of patterns that can either be at our facility, at the pattern shop for repair, or at a particular foundry to make castings. We do occasionally move patterns from foundry to foundry based on production needs. We have been thinking about creating part numbers for the patterns and putting them into Epicor so I thought I would ask here to see if anyone is already doing that or have tried that could share their experience.


(Simon Hall) #2

Asset Management perhaps?

(brychan williams) #3

Hi, I have been involved in similar but that was vantage 6 days. We use to create one part for all the pattern tooling. We would attach it to the bomb etc, but there were complications with that. You could do the same, or just track through inventory movements. You create them as a resource. There is much more functionality these days.

(Tim VonDerHaar) #4

Thank you for the feedback. I will look into your suggestions.

(Stephen Gambill) #5

We are currently implementing Epicor 10 Multi-tennant SaaS and are having the same issues in using tooling. We have four tooling warehouses and are in the process of identifying each piece of tooling with a unique ID (at least for the runners). We have come up with what we believe to be a viable solution for our needs. Each piece of tooling will be setup as a resource, we will then duplicate that ID as a piece of equipment in the Maintenance Module and link it as a resource. Then use a BPM to feed a meter counter on the equipment record to track impressions for a PM program. With the resources being attached to the Bill of Operations for the casting part, we too need a way to printout all of the associated pieces of tooling used on a part. That way our pattern chaser knows which pieces to move, and on which day to bring them in. Moving forward, I am contemplating if a BAQ report could handle this process. I hope this info can be of some help, as I too am finding it hard to find any straightforward solution to using foundry tooling within Epicor, especially for a job shop.

(brychan williams) #6

Hi, do you use the same tooling across multiple parts. E. G. The same runner is used to make multiple parts.

(Tim VonDerHaar) #7

The patterns we are using are for making the raw materials (castings), they are not considered tooling for us.

(brychan williams) #8


You could consider them effectively Tooling. You Pattern that is used to make a casting but it is not consumed by the job. Something that is required to complete a process but is not part of the final product.