Best Practice on Adding Column to EpiUltraGrid in JMDemand in Job Manager

(Blake Martin) #1

Accomplishing something similar has been discussed, for example by Jose in this thread:

But I am trying to add a column in Job Manager to the JMDemand Grid. The column is not in collection under Columns. Would I want to do a BAQ here as in Jose’s example, or could I grab the EpiUltraGrid and add the column by each row? If so, in what event/method would I do this in custom code?

(Bruce Ordway) #2

Off the top of my head, I would try Jose’s example first.

The grid should be straightforward

but… if it was then taking too much extra work/trouble to get the related action buttons to work…
Then I might opt for adding column(s) one row at a time.
I know some examples exist, however I don’t have a link to a topic at this time.