APInvoice Entry Edit list SSRS report


(Rubén Corral Yruretagoyena) #1

Hello Everyone,
I really need your help or guidance.

I´m currently modifying the APedit SSRS report (APInvoice entry Edit List RDL). I have already duplicate the report style, download and upload the “new one” and it is working when I select the Report Style in the printing screen.

I need to add the Invoice Due Date but the in the Report Builder or in the Report Data Definition I have not found the way to do that… the report builder DATASET makes no reference to that specific field… obviously the report data definition is doing the same.

any suggestions? guidance?

Thank you in advance!!!

(Dan Edwards) #2

The DueDate field should not be excluded in the RDD by default. Did you try adding the field to the dataset query and the field list?

(Rubén Corral Yruretagoyena) #3

Hi Dan, Thank you for your guidance…

I´ve been able to add the field to the Dataset…

but now, after “drag&drop” the field to the report header, saving and uploading it… nothing is showing up… any suggestions?

Attached is a copy of my rdl file
APEdit.rdl (403.1 KB)

(Ken Nash) #4

Make sure you add it as a Query field not a calculated field. That gets me all the time.

(Dan Edwards) #5

@knash is spot on. Here is a screenshot of that step.

(Rubén Corral Yruretagoyena) #6

I just Got it!!! thank you both of you. The problem was that the DueDate field need to be added as T2.DueDate not T1.DueDate… once I added that field in every UNION the information start showing up!!!

Thank you so much.