Any way to fix wrong supplier on a po? After a check was run and voided?

(Brandon Anderson) #1

We had a mistake where the backup purchaser picked the wrong supplier by accident (very similar names)

The P.O. got sent to the vendor, the products shipped to us, received, and the invoice received and check made up, then it finally got caught. So the check was voided.

Is there any way at this point to fix the original PO? In test, it hadn’t been invoiced yet, so I could remove the receipt, re-open the PO and change the vendor. In production, accounting has already entered the invoice.

Is there any way to fix the supplier on the PO? Or do we just have to do some miscellaneous adjustments and live with the mistake?

(Brad Boes) #2

You could use the DMR process to return and debit the account. Then begin again.

Test it first…


(Pierre Hogue) #3

I believe the standard way would be to emit an RMA with a credit note , and make a new order…