Allow bringing in BAQs into other BAQs as SubQueries

(Caleb Grundmeier) #1

Maybe a bad idea and off topic but I would also like to be able to use other BAQs in another BAQ. For example, a BAQ that always returns the most current revision of a Part. I use that over and over in other BAQs but I have to rewrite that subquery for each new one. Maybe there is a different way to approach this to make it easier??

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(Jose C Gomez) #2

Split into its own topic.

(Brandon Anderson) #3

I can’t believe this wasn’t already in the list! I even looked to see if it was.

(Aaron Shaffer) #4

The ability to nest a BAQ within a BAQ would be greatly appreciated. Currently one has to go about this by going into SSMS and creating a custom View, then link up the View to the BAQ via External BAQ with an External Data Source that simply points back to the same local database.

(Brandon Anderson) #5

That’s already been requested.