ADJ-CUS and UKN-CUS Transaction?

(J T) #1

What kind of activities that causes ADJ-CUS and UKN-CUS transaction? I see lots of these type of transaction happens but no GL entries associated to them. How can I fix it and has GL to them.

(Andy Wilson) #2

ADJ-CUS I am not familiar with this one

UKN-CUS I believe is a miscellaneous shipment to to customer

(Andris Skulte) #3

JT - Take a look at the Tech Ref Guide for Inventory Transactions. You can download that from Epicor for your version. The ADJ-CUS type is not listed, though.

Shipment of Buy To Order non-quantity bearing parts to a customer / Drop shipment to a customer / Purchase
receipt for Buy To Order parts shipped to customer

Here’s the list of ADJ-??? transactions in the TechRef:

(Ernie Lowell) #4

UKN-CUS can be (from the Inventory Transaction Hierarchy)

  1. BTO shipment of non-quantity bearing parts to the customer
  2. BTO shipment for standard cost part master parts to the customer

ADJ-CUS I don’t see… but ADJ-CST is the adjustment made to a standard-costed item (PPV) on receipt.

Both of these should have GL impacts.

(J T) #5

I was told that ADJ-CUS is similar to STK-CUS, you can find it in GL Transaction Type.

However, I don’t understand the rule it occurs as there are exact the same transactions, but the only difference between them it one have ADJ-CUS transaction and another don’t

(Mark Wonsil) #6

I think that ADJ-CUS is for purchase direct. So when an item is drop-shipped, the variance goes here and the COGS goes to STD-CUS (if not drop shipped).

Mark W.