Why I hesitate reporting bugs to Epicor Support

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Yep you hit the nail on the head there “I DON’T HAVE TIME”

but then again I just replied to this post :thinking:

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What was it that converted wrong? Maybe we can help here on the forum. Have you submitted a question here? I understand the frustration but I have also seen way worse wait times, response times, and customer service. Not to name companies but what about waiting on hold to get a tech for 45 minutes only to have to wait another 30 on a return call while being down. No software company is perfect with support but I like to stay patient and say no user is perfect with the software either. Epicor can always use room for improvement in support. Fill out the survey and vent as much as possible IMO.

I don’t let support close a case on me because I don’t have time. Sometimes they work me into their schedule so they can let me work them into my schedule but you don’t get to close my case till I am satisfied. Sorry if it hurts metrics. We pay yearly maintenance for a reason. I got a call that is currently in its 4 month and has been to dev twice. I finally got a result today that I need to try in test. The call will not close till I am satisfied though. Done now!

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We found a major bug on 10.0.7, where FIFO layers were’t been created when jobs were auto receipted. This was having major implications when it came to job costing and mandatory tax reporting

Based in the UK, it involved months trying to convince UK support that there was an issue.

The main problem was that the bug was extremely involved and if the support person didn’t fully understand the FIFO code, it made explaining the bug almost impossible.

Once I had proven the bug and involved Epicor’s senior UK management, the problem got escalated to the States.

In total, the bug was reported in mid August and the fix finally came through in early December.

For me it was the lack of connectivity between the different Epicor parties, plus the feeling that you were on a very long circular conveyor belt that went in front of support every third week.

Admittedly, 10.0.7 was bug ridden, so this did magnify any issues and fortunately since 10.1.6, the number of calls for bugs has reduced.

(Andy Wilson) #45

The above named Epicor Emplyee, no longer works for Epicor, a new man has taken over and I believe support will get better, but it will take time.

(Jose C Gomez) #46

Hey everyone I get we all got our war stories with support, and bug reporting and etc. Let us remember that
Epicor is a company and companies aren’t perfect. They have done a great job specially lately of addressing some of these issues and I see improvements every day in my interactions with support and Epicor as a whole.
The company has come a long way from what it was and we should recognize that. They actively participate in this and other communities and provide invaluable feedback in a lot of cases.

Although I agree with the sentiment of some of the posts, lets make sure that this doesn’t turn into a huge bashing session for all gripes against support, and specifically lets make sure not starting calling out people individually.

I know this wasn’t @hasokeric’s intent in the original post, lets keep the conversation flowing positively, I’m not one to pull the punches but lets do it in a way that it is constructive

I’m not saying anyone is doing this yet just wanted to throw this out before it comes to that because I’m seeing a lot of piling on… and #MeToos :smiley:


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I think @aidacra did a good job on listening, he acknowledged room for improvement and that there are things in the work. In addition I am sure he is already working on the feedback he received. :slight_smile:

I’ll mark it as solved, now we wait and give them time to process and work on their process.

PS: Chris Warticki has also shown interest in reading this post; he is advocate for the Epicor Customer w/ Epicor https://www.linkedin.com/in/chriswarticki/

(Tom Hulbert) #48

I created a Quick Step in Outlook for data model regen requests. Anytime a regen is required I just hit Ctrl + Shift + 1 in Outlook and my request is sent right to the SaaS team which usually completes my request in 10 minutes or less. I used to create tickets in EpicCare in addition to sending the email, but the SaaS team would usually have completed my request before the ticket was even assigned to someone. I know the message box that pops up when editing UD Tables says to do both, but it seems like a waste of the support teams time imo.

(Mark Wonsil) #49

Hey Tom,

Everybody agrees that the SaaS team needs its own asset. Support says so, the Cloud Team says so. It’s going to happen and I imagine fairly soon. Epicor is definitely listening to us on this one.

Mark W.

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@josecgomez.sixs I get what you are saying. We all have our war stories with support for various reasons but I think the intention of this thread was to highlight some specific (overall) issues with maybe some constructive criticism. Remember for it to be constructive, it has to be a sh*t sandwich - or similar approach:

Simply stating that something or someone sucks isn’t going to change things - and if understanding and suggestion doesn’t find it’s way into the discourse, it can be interpreted more as an attack. I don’t know about you, but when I am attacked, my natural response is defense. Everyone here is certainly entitled to their opinions but I do just want to make a case for everyone to consider - We have really grown a lot as a community, both in size and strength. We have got the attention of larger Epicor communities and Epicor itself which is a great thing. We even have regular interaction from Epicor experts themselves. By overlooking some of the things I mentioned above, we could be detrimentally affecting those great aspects. On a personal level, if any of the Epicor experts feel unappreciated or attacked, they could withdraw. If Epicor as company decides that we as a community are overtly negative towards them, they could forbid their employees from participating here. Hell - just remember, they don’t even need a reason to do that, they just can. With that said, I don’t want to stifle anyone’s discussion, or make light of anyone’s issues or frustrations - I just want us to be able to keep the good in mind, when we discuss the bad.

(James McKinnon) #51

I find this post interesting based on our experience. My employer has used vantage since the late 90’s/turn of the millennium. They bought E10 in May 2014, pretty much got nowhere with it, hired me in 2015 -when the first maintenance renewal came in, MD said nope not paying it as we “have had nothing for twelve months support, we’ll go back onto support when we are live”, having been pointed out that support was backdated if you resume maintenance.

Cut a long story short we finally went live in November 2016, got an estimate for coming back onto maintenance which was basically two years maintenance as per original contract terms - nope not paying that - and despite a never ending Kafkaesque loop of negotiation with Epicor and also some of their support partners never found an acceptable number that the business can accept.

We are stuck on and all the strange issues that it has. I am the only Epicor technical/functional resource/IT resource that the business has and the system is relatively stable, with many of my own Heath Robisnon bpm/c# bug fixes, in an organisation with 100+ users and a £10million turnover.

Based on a lot of what is being said here - stuck in a triage loop when reporting issues, actually contacting support being a last resort versus this forum and so on - I’m becoming increasingly convinced, other than getting onto a newer version which brings all it’s own headaches, if there is any point in my revisiting the issue of our lack of support, other than the business risk in being so dependent on a single resource, me.

I’m guessing my question is to those complaining, if you are unimpressed with the support, could you live without it?

Alternatively convince me, specifically in relation to dealing with support, not system updates/new functionality etc, why I need to go back around loop of trying to get back onto support - surely somebody has had some positive experiences they can share?

(Chris Conn) #52

I think that Epicor support, by in large, is a great thing. It really affords a lot, updates are huge one for sure. Besides that, you get also epicweb which has loads of documentation and knowledgebase articles And of course, the best thing you can get, is direct support. I think that this is the crux of what people are complaining about here, but we tend to focus on the negative. There are countless cases where support has diagnosed and solved issues pertaining to usage, features, bugs, performance, setup, etc. Just consider how many features and bug fixes that come in the various updates are born in support cases - probably most if not all of them. I dont know how many cases support deals with, but as a consultant with a handful of customers I am directly responsible for, it’s easy to see that this could be a monumental task. I imagine, that for every knowledgeable, self-sufficient, self-researching, well communicating customer with a support request - there are probably 10 who havent read the manual and fail to convey their issues effectively. This has got to tie support down. Does support have room for improvement yes, but it is still an integral (and necessary) part of the package imho

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(Jose C Gomez) #54

After discussing it with the other mods we decided to close this topic. We believe the initial intent was thoroughly discussed and addressed, and now we are beating a dead horse it has become an echo chamber.

Thanks to all that provided input I’m sure Epicor will continue to improve. If there are any other questions in the matter feel free to open a new topic for further discourse.

Thanks everyone! and thank you Epicor for listening to our feedback.