Vendor number counter


(elvin widjaja) #1

Hi all,
Do you know if there is a way to control the Epicor vendor number counter? For example, if i want to start the vendor numbers from 90000. I see that you can do this for job numbers and quote numbers, but can you do this for supplier numbers?


(John Kane) #2

Are you talking about the system generated Supplier Number or the user defined Supplier ID? Most people do not see the Supplier Number, so I do not think you would want to control that. There are custom ways to control the Supplier ID.

(elvin widjaja) #3

Correct. The supplier number, there has been a mistake with a service connect workflow, and the current “next” supplier number is in the 160000 when we are not even close to that.

(Calvin Krusen) #4

One note on VendorNum …

All DMT processes use the VendorID. Trying to set the VendorNum during initial importing of Vendors, does nothing. The VendorNum is assigned sequentially. If the DMT file you upload has a vendor number field, which is totally ignored. Any other imports you do (like PO Header), should include the VendorID and NOT the VendorNum.

Side note, as a hack to setting the starting number. Just create as many new vendors as you need to get that counter up to 89999. then delete all of them except for the one that made 89999. Any newly created vendors would start at 90000. Delete 89999 after 900000 is created.

“Just be cause you can do something, doesn’t mean you should do it.”

(Mark Damen) #5

Don’t worry about VendorNum field – it’s just used to tie together records (POHeader to Vendor for instance). I can see that you want to correct a mistake, but really there is no need!!

If you really insist, and I DON’T RECOMMEND CHANGING IT!!! Then you could take a look at ERP.CompanySequence